Mark Vinckeleer

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Mark is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with undergraduate and master’s degrees in social work. He has worked in the areas of mental health, advocacy, support, counseling, therapy and coaching within a wide population including schools, prisons, colleges, mental health clinics and hospice. His work includes abused children, severely and chronically mentally ill patients and their families.

Mark’s formal education and training along with his personal and professional experience has guided him to his true calling – life coaching. Realizing he had been coaching others for much of his life, Mark is thrilled to expand his reach, offering his expertise professionally.

Mark creates an open and safe space for clients to expand possibilities. He supports people in living their most authentic and fulfilled life, and ultimately in creating and living a life they love!

Mark is a qualified speaker for the Inland Empire Speaker’s Bureau and is a member of Toastmasters. He has a passion for public speaking – inspiring others to new heights with contagious energy. Mark speaks on various topics including mental health, motivation and passionate living. He also offers coaching to those seeking to increase their impact as speakers.

Spirituality is a key factor in Mark’s approach when working with clients to achieve their desired goals. He understands the significance of one’s spirituality in healing and growing. Influential people in his life include Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, David Hawkins, MD., PhD., Jesus Christ and Gandhi.

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