Certified Life Coach

Lyndsay had her first experience with life coaching when she was 25 years old, and she still remembers the phone call: where she was, what she shared, and her turning point “aha” moments. (she still works with his original coach!) Deeply impacted, she immediately began to see a shift in perspective – there was a curiosity about the possibility for life that was ignited.

This experience significantly transformed her path in life for the better, and since then has been involved with different coaching companies and experiential trainings, and coached over 1000 people.

She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and is a qualified, Certified Life Coach – yet her most extensive and valuable learning has come from real life experiences. She has explored, lived, studied, and traveled to 35+ countries.

Lyndsay offers her clients a home environment where clients are either able to meet within a comfortable setting or she meets with in the community to assist them with completing their individual goals such as help with finding a job, various applications, and assisting in any requested support in following up with scheduled appointments they might have.

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