What would you do if you know you could not fail?

Helping those recently out of treatment programs or any other transition into progressive lifestyles.

There are several moments in every human life where there are choices to be had, decisions to be made. The high road and the low road. Left, right, forward, and even sometimes backward. In most of our lives however, the general consensus is that the ultimate goal is to move forward. For some, it appears easy; for others, not as much so. 

Fortunately for everyone alike there are various helping hands catered to any level! For a lot of young adults, it is difficult to allow themselves to ask for help. And sometimes after the large amount of help they received is completed, transitioning back into the real world can be exceptionally challenging. 

Assistance with this crucial period is what is being offered here. Mark and his colleagues specialize in helping those fresh out of treatment programs transition into a progressive lifestyle where jobs, education, appointments, and an independent lifestyle, sometimes daunting endeavors, can be attained at one’s own pace. Whereas a treatment program tends to do a lot of these things for their clients with little to no independence, working towards personal goals with coaching hands life back to the client.

What We do

Not in the area to come into the office? No problem, we offer phone and video conference sessions.

General coaching and oversight by Mark Venckeleer, LCSW

Option to meet with one or more members of the coaching team, one or more times per week

In the field activities of daily living coaching

Family Calls

Drug Screens available by request

Weekly meeting with peers, either in person or via video conferencing for those who do not live close

Need Some Guidance?

We want to hear from you. Send us an email and one of our team members will be in touch.


“Mark has worked with our mid-20s daughter for almost 2 years. Their work together has resulted in substantial progress in her perspective, judgment, self-esteem and focus. Together they achieved breakthroughs in her belief in herself, her confidence, her ability to set goals, and her taking responsibility for her life. Mark and his team have been an invaluable resource during her darkest times, and an incredible boost to her as she is doing better and better. We anticipate they will continue to work together until she achieves the life she wants.”
California Resident

Our Team

Mark Venckeleer. LCSW

Lyndsay Oneal. LCSW

Nick Prelesnik. LCSW

Let us help you attain your full potential.